“One of the best post-JOBS Act conferences we’ve seen.  It included many who are active in the legislative process, knowledgeable practitioners and companies looking to raise capital.  I highly recommend it.”

Dave Weild
Founder of Weild & Co.
Former Vice Chairman of Nasdaq
“Father” of the JOBS Act


“I thought it was excellent in all respects. Congratulations.”

Arthur Lipper

World renowned financier, author, inventor, and philanthropist


To keep it simple, the best most interesting, intelligent, and encompassing perspective on alt investment that I’ve attended.

Tony Quinones


Seed Equity Capital Partners


“You put together a truly terrific full day of quality content on a professional, yet cordial and engaging level, which isn’t easy to accomplish especially with such a group of large eclectic speakers and attendees to ride herd over.  I’m very grateful to you for allowing me to participate on such a high quality event.”

Michael G. Homeier,  Esq.

Homeier & Law, P.C.


I had a very good time at the Forum and found my time very well spent.  Not only was it educational for me to hear many of the speakers but I have already gotten a new client.

Brett Heimov

Founder of Envision Strategy


“WOW!  What an event… Great speakers, great attendance, great venue.  EVERY panel was absolutely top notch.    Congratulations on a GREAT job!  It was an awesome event.”

Dianne Gubin


Capital InVentures, Inc.


I much enjoyed (the forum). Well done for making such a valuable fintech event in Los Angeles!

Rod Turner

Founder of Manhattan Street Capital & FundAthena.com, Reg A+ platform


“Thank you for a wonderful and informative event.”

Charles Perera, Entrepreneur


“Very successful conference… I found every single one of the panels very informative and very engaging. Congratulations.” 

Kim Kaselionis

Founder of Breakaway Funding

Creator of the Community Capital Marketplace


“Great conference. I got much more out of it than I was expecting.”

Robert Grosshandle

Founder at iGive.com


 “Really enjoyed (the forum). You did an outstanding job, great diversity of topics and speakers. Well done.” 

Kim Kovacs

Managing Director, Golden Seeds SoCa


“I wanted to thank you very much. Great event.”

Niko DeCesare

Account Executive @ MBC Strategic


“Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Congratulations and best wishes for continued growth!”

Amir Blachman

Managing Director

Space Angels Network


“Thank you so much for having me at the event, and it was magnificent. I made some wonderful connections.”

Dan Nainan

Comedian/Angel Investor/Computer Geek


“The event was fantastic! I know you put a lot of work into it, and it showed! I especially enjoyed the caliber of people you brought into the event – there was one fantastic conversation after another ALL DAY!”

Kara Kennedy

FounderClearTrust, LLC


“I’m glad the Forum was such a success. Once again, congratulations on doing a great job organizing it!”

Jim Brandt

Angel Investor, Tech Coast Angels


“Thank you  for the opportunity and allowing us to connect with one another and people in the audience. Was great fun!”

Ben Levy

Co-Founder @ BootstrapLabs


“It was a wonderful and an educational event. Thanks again.”

Tolga Onuk

Founder & CEO



“I really enjoyed the forum. It informed our LLC of the changing face of business funding, especially with the advent of the JOBS Act.”

John Davis


California Traders


“Thank you for a great a event.”

Danielle Blackwell

Director of Sales & Marketing



I thought you put on a great event.  Thank you for including me.

David Dobkin

President of Investment Banking

ASMX Capital


The conference was very well done, was indeed excellent with a complete roster of interesting speakers

Alan Stone


Wall Street Research



I loved it! I was beyond honored to be in the same presence with some of the most amazing people in the industry.  It was incredible to gain greater perspective on where alternative funding is going.  I really think that it provides an opportunity that wasn’t available before, to really help people realize their dreams. 

Stephen Hargett





“I found the conference constructive and made several meaningful contacts as result of attending.  The panel approach, as an audience encouraging technique, works in terms of exposing a lot of people to meeting attendees.”

– Arthur Lipper, world renowned financier, author, inventor (creator of Lipper Index and stock index futures), and philanthropist


“Congratulations on your event – amazing quality, very important and interesting info and great speakers.”

– Bill Black, Founder & Host at ExitCoachRadio.com


“I enjoyed (the Forum). It is extremely difficult to put many different types of interest in the same space. But people like you and the effort you put in make it happens. Keep up the good work.”

– David Khorram,  Director & CKO at Crowdfundingplanning.com


“I’m interested in the equity crowdfunding space, including both the business and legal implications, and I think the panels were very informative on that issue in particular. I really did enjoy the event overall. Great job!”

– Shahrokh Sheik, Partner, Kramer Holcomb Sheik LLP


“I had a great time.  Congratulations, you produced an excellent event.  Loved finding out about bitcoin.   Fascinating.  Thank you so much.”

– Michael Berk, BAYWATCH Creator and Producer


“Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Forum. You did a fantastic job getting a bunch of very interesting people in the room and I love the one day format. Keep up the great work!”

– Josef Holm, Founder & CEO of TubeStart


“Metropole Capital’s Alternative Funding Forum provided an array of perspectives from experts across various fields of finance and funding alternatives with big picture and concrete information to help navigate the brave new world of seeking capital. As the world of capital shifts, forums like these are needed to provide for open discussions and to build a community of talented, successful investors and entrepreneurs to network and cross pollinate new domains as the landscape continues to change.”

– Pilar Stella, Managing Partner and Founder, Alchemy P4; Forbes contributor


“The conference was great. These things are a ton of work and you did a great job. Thanks for including me.”

Jon Funk, Venture Capitalist,  Founding Partner of Ocean Road Partners


“I enjoyed the forum and was happy to be part of it!”

– Reeve Collins, Co-founder & CEO at Tether


I wanted to thank you for having me as a speaker at your forum. It was a great experience.”

– Vincent Bradley,CEO & Co-Founder at FlashFunders


“Thank you for having me. I think the content was excellent and (the Forum) was really well done!!”

– Kati Suominen, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, TradeUp Capital Fund


“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to participate (at the Forum). Everyone was so nice and interesting and I found it very worthwhile.”   

– Maura Kawai, USFCS, U.S. Department of Commerce


“Thank you. I’d be happy to participate in any future events like this.”

– Ian Truitne, Entrepreneur and Producer


“Enjoyed your event very much!”

Mike Panesis, Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship


“I was honored being on the stage with iconic guys. I met a few people I quite liked, because they do what I don’t, and approach things differently. Thank you for inviting me!”

– Huston Huddleston, CEO & Founder, Hollywood Science Fiction Museum and New Starship Foundation


“You did a phenomenal job with the conference!”

–  Jon Nash, serial entrepreneur


“Great event. Thanks!”   

– Dr. Gerhard Apfelthaler, Dean, School of Management, California Lutheran University


“I am truly excited to participate in this year event. I look forward to collaborating with peers at this game-changing inflection point in our industry.”

–  Jeff McCarthy, Managing Director at Lending Club


“I learned so much at the Forum… and met many new experts to add to my small business resources. So many good speakers!”

-Vivian Shimoyama, Regional Executive Director at Southern California Region Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses


“It is a truly rare gathering where you meet remarkable entrepreneurs and investors that communicate together on a respectful and an equally sophisticated level. I left the Forum empowered by fresh knowledge and outstanding contacts realizing that this one day only event helped me to re-shape my own business ideas and saved me months of networking.”

-Steve Newman, Founder at Official Merchandise.com and Rock.com


“Thank you for a fabulous event. I learned a lot. I loved the format you used. I loved everything about it! What a wonderful group of people.”

– Michelle K Cameron, Entrepreneur


“The Forum was terrific, congratulations.”

– Donald Haber, Executive Director & COO at British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Los Angeles


“The Forum taught filtered, authoritative new ideas and insights in a short day than I could have gathered in weeks of reading news clips. A great value!”

-Richard Koffler, CEO, Greenwings Biomedical, Angel Investor at Tech Coast Angels


“(The Forum) changed my life by inspiring me to become a successful entrepreneur and crowdfunder. I’d recommend this event to anyone with ambition”

– Sandro Monetti, BBC Broadcaster, TV host, Author, Film Director & Performer


“This was my second year at the Forum. The infectious energy pervaded the venue, the content and  the networking. It was global AND local at the same time, the panels were intimate enough to allow personal interaction with the audience and among the panelists. I will be back next year.”

-Gunjan Bagla, Founder at Amritt Inc. (Forum Participant & Moderator)


“I have made some valuable new connections and enjoyed the conference very much.”

– Josef Holm, Founder & CEO at Tubestart.com amd Crowdfunding.biz


“You put on a terrific show – informative, interesting, meaningful.”

-Charlie Crumpley, Editor at the Los Angeles Business Journal


“I really enjoyed (the event), learned a lot and made some amazing connections. It was money well spent and I don’t often feel that way after conferences.”

-Mary Cimiluca, Executive Producer at Noetic Films, Inc.


“Congratulations!  You have done such a wonderful job in putting together the program especially with the number of speakers and attendees involved.  Everything went very well and we were able to pick up a few useful contacts. Many thanks for having us.”

– Betty Young, Hong Kong Trade Development Council  (LA)


“The Forum was fabulous!  Very informative, and also important was the underlying tone of support and enthusiasm. Congratulations on pulling everything together so successfully!”

– Jill Marti, President at Video Tattoo


“It was really great. So much energy and passion! Bravo!”

-Jennifer Post, Founder of Post Law Group


“Thanks so much. Absolutely worthwhile forum. Much above my expectations.”

– Thomas Baker, Ph.D.

“With the new SEC rules this event is very timely.”

– Brian Deagon, Investment Business Daily


“Amazing event! So happy you put this up.”

–  Ash Kumra, Entrepreneur, Author and Public Speaker.


“I’ve been to a lot of conferences but I really thought you did an excellent job in terms of content, timing and value.”

-Marc Guren, Managing Partner at Acuity Capital


“It was a great conference.” 

-Michael Feinstein, Partner, Marcum LLP


“It was a good event, productive and enjoyable. Everyone was learning. Thanks, love to do it again.”

– David Raiklen, Producer, Composer, Crowdfunder



“Great job of assembling the top people in L.A.’s tech scene, and they provided some really thoughtful and insightful commentary. Congrats.”

– Charlie Crumpley, Editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal


“It was a smash! The attendees were all high quality and the panels very informative. Well done.”

– Mark R Ross, Managing Director, Diamond Capital Advisers


“I must congratulate (organizer) for this great success, despite it being the first edition. The audience was invited to participate with questions and comments making the flow of the event very pleasant and dynamic. I attend plenty of conferences and events both in California and internationally, mostly on entrepreneurship and investing, and I can tell this particular one, has been among the best ones I went to in recent years.”

– Bianca Dellepiane, President, Bridges to Italy


“Kudos on a great first year conference! Very nicely done. Keep up the great work!”
– Devon Blaine, President and Founder, The Blaine Group, Inc.


“Thank you for inviting me to participate in the conference. It was a great event.”

– Victor Parker, District Director, Los Angeles, U.S. Small Business Administration


“Thank you for the exceptional Forum! I believe that the energy that was flowing through the event will transpire into many positive interactions amongst all the participants involved!”

– Vince Megaro, Founder, Methes Energies Canada Inc.


“I was glad to participate and from all people I spoke to they were very happy with the day.”

-Larry Namer, CEO & Co-founder, Metan Development Group; Co-founder, E! Entertainment


“It was a real and enjoyable honor to be a sponsor / partner of this inaugural event. Though I was overseas on business at the time, I’ve managed to view the panel discussion via video and there really was some exceptional dialogue among some smart and passionate people from a variety of sectors … quite dynamic, makes for a great event. I look forward to supporting and speaking at the 2013 Forum. Nicely done!”

– Colin Mangham, CEO & Founder, Daily Brand Group


“I enjoyed meeting many new people – and learned a lot!”

– Jennifer Post, Founder, Post Law Group, PC


“Thank you so much for letting me participate!”

– David Carter, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Amplify, angel investor


“Congratulations on your first Forum –excellent event and you should be proud!”

– Keith Block, Manager, Marcum LLP


“Congratulations on a great event. Many thanks for inviting us to be a part of it.”

– Julia Son, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (LA)


“I really, really liked the Forum. I think it was extremely informative and the quality of speakers was amazing. Congratulations!”

– Fernanda Baserga-Rudd, Consulate General & Promotion Center of the Argentine Republic, Investment Office


“I enjoyed the event and believe (there was) a terrific collections of speakers and panels!”

-Greg Cohn, SVP/Regional Team Lead, Wells Fargo Greater Los Angeles Technology & Venture Banking
(Forum Sponsor)


“I thought that the program was really good. The panelists were excellent and covered a wide variety of perspectives. I think the networking happy hour at the end was a great idea as well.”

-Don Crawford, Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP


“Not only was the Next Generation Entrepreneurship & Global Crowdfunding Forum useful for stellar networking. As an entrepreneur with a crowdfunding portal, it helped inform my decision-making on regulatory issues that are rarely discussed in front of such a knowledgeable crowd.”

– S. Ryan Meyer, Founder & CEO, AlumniFunder.com


“I greatly enjoyed attending the event. Many panelists spoke from their own extensive experience as entrepreneurs and I really appreciated the quality of the contacts I made through the networking breaks and am looking forward to following up on some really engaging conversations.”

– Vincent Kapur, Founder, Pioneer PV Solutions


“I thought the Forum was great. I was very happy with the program and I made some good contacts. Thanks!”

– David Sperling, Founder of YouVeGotFunds


“It was a very enjoyable experience. I was able to get a handle on what exactly crowd funding has to offer and how it works. Also I was able to make some interesting contacts for funding my film ventures. I would certainly attend the next Forum.”

– Frank E. Johnson, Producer


“I really enjoyed the event – it was an eye opener for me. Thank you!”

– Dina Vukmanovic, KPMG LLP, Manager


“You did a wonderful job with the Forum – congratulations!! I made some great contacts and the speakers were top-notch. Everything you need to know was covered and I left the conference with a ton of new information. Well done!”

– Linhard Stepf, President of FrankfurtRhineMain Corp,


“Heartiest congratulations on putting together such a well-attended and interesting Forum. We were pleased to have been a part of it.”

– Ed Sauve, Senior Advisor for Global Services, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)


“The entrepreneurship opportunities and crowdfunding strategies presented and discussed at the Metropole Global Forum gave me hope and ideas for returning to secure and profitable investments.”

– Jay Wertz, Editor at Paramount Pictures, Independent Investor


”Nice job with the event. We need a lot more of these for LA!”

– Hale Boggs, Partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips


“I enjoyed the event and believe you put together a terrific collection of speakers and panels!”

– Greg Cohn, SVP/Regional Team Lead, Wells Fargo Technology & Venture Banking