Crowdfunding Debate Series


Debates on Crowdfunding:

A series of exclusive and unique monthly educational events to help you succeed and understand this new financial tool.

Crowdfunding is the new way to fund your startup idea, films and inventions. How does it work and will it work for YOU?

We’ve had a blast at our First Debate in February: Kickstarter, Indiegogo and WhenYouWish – What Would Work For You? with Adam Chapnik (Indiegogo), David Harvilicz (WhenYouWish) and David Raiklen (producer and entrepreneur) as guest speakers and our advisers.

Our Second Debate in March So you Think You Can Crowdfund with  Jeffrey Henderson (InvestedIn), Jesse Collver (Satori) and Dan Mapes (Magnet TV) was SOLD OUT!

Our Third Debate in April Crowdfunding of Independent Films and Real-estate – Learn From The Experts was SOLD OUT!

Our Fourth Debate in May Your Crowdfunding Campaign: Marketing and Legal Aspects was SOLD OUT!

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